The Paradise Island

The Paradise Island of St. Martin

St_Martins_-_aerial_photoWhat is there to do when you step into the tropical paradise of St. Martin? Whether you are looking to unwind with the relaxing Caribbean way of life, or live it up while enjoying the vibrant night life of the island, this tiny French-Dutch island is the perfect tropical getaway where there is sure to be something for everyone.

This history rich island offers many sightseeing opportunities. A visit to Fort Louis will take you back to the late 1700’s when it was built overlooking Marigot Bay to defend the warehouses of Marigot Port, where the island’s produce such as sugar cane, rum, coffee, and salt were stored. Just a short walk away from the Fort, you can also visit the Old Prison, which was built at the same time as the Fort, in 1789.

For those more interested in the breathtaking scenery of this beautiful island, there is Pic Paradis, the highest point on the island. From here one can see not only St. Martin in it’s entirety, but also many of the neighboring islands as well. And at the foot of Pic Paradis, there is Loterie Farm, a former sugar plantation. Today the Farm offers zip-lining adventures for all ages. It is also home to “L’eaulounge cabana club & piscine de source”, where guests can rent one of the eleven beautiful cabanas, and enjoy its multi-level swimming area connected by cascades, all set in a lush tropical background. In order to reach all of those beauty it is easy to use Car Rentals St Maarten, so be sure that you will spend your vacation the best way.

St. Martin is home to 37 stunningly gorgeous beaches, ranked among the finest in the Caribbean. Nestled between the Caribbean Sea and the7632197118_2985bda58a_z Atlantic Ocean, every single beach is uniquely beautiful. Beach goers can enjoy sunbathing in quiet, relaxed settings with the waves peacefully lapping up onto the sand, or surfing, windsurfing, wakeboarding, and diving in exciting hubs of action, as well as everything in between.

As the sun sets on the island, the excitement has only begun. Clubs and beach bars light up the night, ready to keep the fun going all night long. The Dutch side of the island is also home to Maho Village, featuring 15 casinos and all the lights, music and action to go with them.

St, Martin is a dream for those who love to shop. It is the only island in the French West Indies that is truly duty-free. There is a wide array of luxury and fashion boutiques, as well as shops offering exotic foods, liquor, tobacco, jewelry, and local arts and crafts.

Whatever it is that draws you to St. Martin, it is sure to be hard to leave; but you will go home with memories to last a lifetime.